2016 Stories

*Bob and Janice Smith moved to subsidized housing two months ago with their two children under the age of four. Bob is a commercial pilot in his home country in Africa but is currently working as an Uber driver. He is working toward saving enough to pay for pilot testing here, but his wife is having a high risk pregnancy. Bob missed two weeks of driving due to her illness. This caused them to be very short of funds to pay for all of their basic needs. Fill the Gap funds were used to pay a $200 utility deposit.

A $600 rental deposit was needed to assist the *Mason family of four secure permanent housing of their own after staying with relatives.

*Joyce and Bill James were living in their vehicle with their baby. Fill the Gap provided the $400 rental deposit needed to procure a home for the three.

*Jerry Frank had recently been released from prison and was having difficulty finding a place to live. He had been working in construction but was living in his car. Because of Fill the Gap help with his deposit, Jerry was able to rent a place in Willis.

Because of a recent job loss, *Marie Albers was late paying her electric bill. The energy company required her to pay an additional deposit, but she had no income. Because of Fill the Gap, Marie was able to cover the charge.

*Deanna Miller moved from Georgia to live with her daughter who has four children. After she was diagnosed with cancer, her immune system was compromised, and she could no longer stay in the overcrowded conditions at her daughter’s home. With an electric deposit from Fill the Gap, Deanna was able to move into a subsidized apartment.