2018 Stories

Client Stories from 2018

Stories from the Fill The Gap project in association with Interfaith of the Woodlands
[Note: All names are pseudonyms (names flagged with an asterisk (“*”).]

*Margaret J. recently moved out of her daughter’s home after living with her for 11 years. This is the first time she has been on her own in long time. She has numerous medical conditions that she spends most of her money on each month. She receives housing assistance and, in most cases, can make it each month, but this deposit would have thrown her way out of budget. She is very appreciative these funds were available to help.

Fill the Gap gave *Tracey M. money for a rental deposit to move into a new apartment. She had been living in a very unsafe place with some ‘friends’. Her name finally came up on the waiting list at a new apartment and she was very happy that Fill the Gap funds were available to help her move into her new place.

*Meredith A., a Senior Adult, needed a rental deposit. She had been renting an apartment with her son. He moved out at the beginning of the month without warning, leaving Meredith to pay the whole rental amount. This left her without funds for anything else as she is on a fixed income. Fortunately, the lease was ending at that apartment and Meredith was able to find another apartment with lower rent. She did not, however have funds for a deposit. Thanks to Fill the Gap, Meredith was able to pay her deposit and move into an apartment that she can afford.

*George R. recently separated from his wife and had to find a new place to live with the children. He was unable to come up with the money for the deposit. Thanks to Fill the Gap, he was able to provide for a home for himself and his children.

*Lucinda N., a single mother, was going through a separation. She did not have enough money for the rent deposit. Thanks to Fill the Gap, she was able to move into a safe environment with her children.

*Eloise, a 72-year-old grandmother with custody of 7-year-old grandchild, needed assistance with a water deposit. She needed to move to more affordable housing to be able to care for her grandchild. She was very appreciative of Fill the Gap’s assistance.

*Ginger L., single mother, needed a deposit for her electric service. She had been living at the women’s shelter for the past few weeks because of a violent partner. The staff at the shelter was able to help her find a home of her own but could not help with the utility deposit. The client and her children were very happy that Fill the Gap could help, so they could start their new lives in a new home.

*Mary Jane B. recently sold her home and moved in to a new apartment. She is pregnant with twins and had to cut back her hours at work due to complications with the pregnancy. She was falling behind on her bills. Fill the Gap covered the electricity deposit, and Interfaith of The Woodlands helped her with her electric bill so that she could catch up with her other bills. She did not know this type of assistance was available and was very happy that we were able to help.

July 2018

A woman recently moved to Conroe from Houston due to a bad family situation. She had never had a utility bill in her name and was taken aback when they asked for a deposit in addition to her connection fee. She had not budgeted for this additional expense when she planned her move. Entergy told her about Fill the Gap, and she was able then to pay her electrical deposit and take possession of her new residence.

A single mother was looking for a place to live in order to get away from a violent partner. Because of deposit assistance, from Fill the Gap, she was able to move into safe, stable housing with her child.

A 23-year-old woman, her spouse, and her cousin were living in very crowded conditions with other family members. Thanks to Fill the Gap, they were able to get into an apartment that will allow them space and privacy.

A single mother with three children needed a rental deposit. It had taken her a long time to save enough money for the first month’s rent, and It would have taken even longer to save money for the deposit. Thanks to Fill the Gap, she was able to move into a home. She cried while thanking the Interfaith worker and was very relieved.