Stories from 2020

Client Stories from 2020

Stories from the Fill The Gap project in association with Interfaith of the Woodlands
[Note: All names are pseudonyms (names flagged with an asterisk (“*”).]

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January 2020 Report

Client came to Interfaith of The Woodlands seeking assistance with her rental deposit. Client was residing in Harris County and recently left a domestic violence situation. Client subsequently lost her employment when she relocated. She sought services thru The Women’s Center and resided in their shelter program for the first (30) days. She was then referred to the Salvation Army where she is currently residing. Client was able to secure an efficiency apartment within the local area and will be receiving assistance with her first month’s rent from the Salvation Army, contingent upon her showing proof of deposit being paid. Salvation Army referred client for assistance with her deposit. With the assistance of the Peace and Justice program, client will be able to pay her deposit, allowing her to move into her new home and begin a fresh start.

This couple, who are both 65 years old and have lived in Houston,  Texas their entire lives. After being severely affected by Hurricane Harvey they were evicted from their home and have been struggling to find decent housing since that time. After 2 years they decided to retire and seek housing somewhere outside the city. They found a mobile home for rent in Montgomery, Texas where they would be able to relax and enjoy the simple country life. The P&J program was able to help with $400 towards their electric deposit and help them start their new life.

Daniele is a recently divorced mother of one. Her five year old has  medical restrictions and is unable to walk without a brace. She has been coming to interfaith for a little over a year now to get help with groceries and applying for Medicaid. Her ex-husband decided he would not be helping her with the mortgage anymore and told her she had to move out. She was able to get approved for an apartment for herand her son her in The Woodlands and thanks to the Peace and Justice Network she was able to have her deposit paid. She will be moving in this week.

Client came to Interfaith of The Woodlands seeking assistance with her rental deposit. Client shared she lost her Mother in mid-December and subsequently lost her employment the following day. Client has been in ongoing outpatient services thru Tri Count Behavioral Health Care. After turn of events, client shared she was admitted to Aspire for inpatient behavioral health treatment. During her hospital stay, client lost her home. Client and her 14 year old daughter have been staying with friends in the interim. Client receives SSI and has regained part-time employment. Client has secured a duplex home for her and her daughter. Client has received assistance from another agency within the community with her pro-rated rent for January. Both local agency and Tri County referred client for help with remainder of her deposit. With the help of the Peace and Justice program, client will be able to secure stable housing, independently for her and her daughter.

Client is a 66 year old male seeking housing assistance. Client is originally from northern California but moved to Texas 25 years ago to be closer to his family. Client shared it has become difficult to live on a fixed income due to the majority of his siblings passing away in recent years and not having the help he once did. Client was homeless for some time but found a mobile home to rent from a private landlord in Montgomery, Texas. The P&J program was able to assist with $595 towards rent deposit and help this client move into a safe home.

Client is a 36 year old mother of two girls one is six-teen years old, one is 10 years old and an eight-teen year old son who recently moved away. Client has lived in The Woodlands for many years and always had a lucrative job. Client shared for the last two years her company has eliminated some parts of her commission making abilities, something she heavily relied on to make ends meet. States she is worried the company might be on a financial downfall and uncertain if she will have to search for employment in the near future. Client decided to downsize and move into a smaller apartment and was in need of rental deposit assistance. The P&J program was able to help with $250 towards rent deposit and helped her transition into a more reasonable

Client is seeking assistance with her deposit. Client is a victim of  domestic violence and has fled from her home with her infant daughter. Client was referred to Interfaith by Montgomery County Women’s Center. She has participated in their shelter program for the past (45) days. She has successfully gained meaningful employment, enrolled her daughter in daycare, and is receiving assistance with remainder of deposit and first month’s rent from agency. Client states she moved to Texas from Alabama. She no longer has communication with her ex and only her sister is aware of her
location. Client is eager to begin a “fresh start” and presents a bright affect and outlook. With the help of the Peace and Justice program, client will be able to secure stable housing for her and her daughter.