Stories from 2021

Stories from the Fill The Gap project in association with Interfaith of the Woodlands

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[Note: All names are pseudonyms (names flagged with an asterisk (“*”).]

June 2021 Report

A 39 year old father of three small children was assisted with a rental deposit. This client and his wife had been living with other family members, but conditions became crowded and they were
not able to afford to move out because they hand no funds for a deposit. Because of the Fill the Gap Program, this client was able to move into an apartment with his wife and children and not
be in crowded conditions.

A 32 year old client and her family which includes her husband, 35, and 3 children ranging in age from 13-7, were going to be evicted from their Houston apartment. Due to economic hardships that the family has gone through they had to find a new place to live. In order to keep her rental information in good standing they had to pay over $500 prior to moving out from their Houston apartment. Due to all the prior and current expenses of moving from one place to another, the family did not have the funds to turn on their electricity. Through this assistance, the client was able to pay her electric deposit and keep the power on for her family. Client was very grateful and stated that we saved her from a
lot of stress.

We were able to assist a 73 year old veteran was living in a hotel due to lack of deposit funds. Client found a residence, and we were able to assist him with the rental deposit so he now is in permanent, stable housing.

We were able to assist a 40 year single mother who was living in a residence with family members. Client had to move out on her own due to interpersonal issues and needed a new home for her and her 11 year
old son. Client couldn’t afford the deposit of a new place, but because of the Peace and Justice deposit assistance fund she was able to move into a residence of her own.

March 2021 Report

We were able to assist a single mom of two kids with assistance with her deposit and rent on an apartment. This client was displaced from her home due to damage from the Arctic Blast. She has $24,000 in damage to her home, and is unable to repair it at this time due to insurance not paying her, and FEMA only giving her $2000. Client sent the following email, ” Thank you so much for everything. I am go grateful for everything.”

We were able to assist a 50 year old woman who had been living on friend’s couches for about a year was able to move into her own apartment due to the assistance with her rental deposit through the Fill the Gap program.

April 2021 Report

Alicia, a single mother of two, had $24,000 in damage to her home from the Artic Blast last month. She only got $2,000 from FEMA, and her insurance was not paying; so, she was unable to repair her house. Interfaith awarded her deposit money from Fill the Gap so that she could move into an apartment. She sent an email saying, “Thank you so much for everything. I am so grateful for everything.”

Donna, a 50 year old woman who had been living on friends’ couches for about a year, was able to move into her own apartment using Fill the Gap funds for her rental deposit.

Jack, a recently divorced single dad, had custody of his three daughters. The conditions where he lived were not safe for the girls. With Fill the Gap paying his rental deposit, Jack was able to move his family into a new home.

A thirty year old woman, Denae, was struggling to save enough for her rent deposit. Fill the Gap provided $600 toward her deposit so so that she could move out of unstable housing and into a permanent home.

May 2021 Report

*Beverly was previously a Montgomery County resident, but then moved to California to get married. Domestic violence caused her to leave. She called Interfaith as she was driving back to Texas with her 15 year old son. She had found a house to rent in The Woodlands, but needed assistance with the deposit in order to move in. Because of the Fill the Gap partnership with Interfaith of The Woodlands, she received the money she needed.

*Jose, a 33 year old single dad, recently got custody of his three daughters and needed a home where they could all live together without being crowded. He found a new place for them to live in Montgomery County, and thanks to Fill the Gap, he was able to move into a new home for him and his three daughters.

*Georgina, a 59 year old woman, was going to have her power turned off if she couldn’t pay the deposit that she had delayed when moving into a new apartment. She was still not able to cover the deposit, but because FTG and IF were able to assist her with money for a deposit she was able to keep her lights

*Sandra, a 51 year old woman, had to leave her residence because of domestic violence. She was able to move into permanent housing with Fill the Gap deposit funds. Without this help, she would not have been able to leave the Montgomery County Women’s Center Shelter to have an apartment of her own.